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Business Financing

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Scheme Funds

Aims to enhance local companies’ productivity and global competitiveness.
Assist existing businesses to transform their operations by adopting automation, digitalization and ESG practices.
Comprehensive financial solutions and accessibility to assist viable women-owned SMEs.
Catalyzes the transition toward sustainable mobility solutions within Malaysia's automotive sector.
Facilitate the growth and eventual success of local micro-enterprises.
Aids viable SMEs in swiftly recovering from crises and reintegrating into the economy, at the same time, safeguarding them against the brink of closure or bankruptcy.
Assist manufacturing companies with automation and modernised processes.

Accelerate local SMEs in adoption of e-commerce and digital technologies.
Encourage green technology and energy efficiency among local industry players.
Encourage service companies in market expansion and capacity building enhancement.
Assist viable SMEs constrained by financial difficulties and underserved sectors.
Facilitate Open Approved Permit Holders in business expansion and diversification.
Supports the continuity of businesses in Services Sector that have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

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Disclaimer: The information shown is indicative and for illustration only. MIDF does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculation and accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. The above do not represent an offer or approval of financing. All applications for financing are subject to MIDF’s credit evaluation and approval.

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