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Seizing Growth Opportunities.

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Aiming For Growth From Local Distribution to ASEAN Shores

Water Genesis Sdn Bhd’s motto is “delivering quality bottled drinking water at all times”. “We are committed to ensuring food safety and customer satisfaction and this has been the work ethics with all our 70 staff operating in our factory. Customer satisfaction to the highest level is important to our work culture and therefore we ensure to deliver every order on time,” said the CEO, Connie Yeo. 

Based in Sarawak, the company is the largest purified water company in the state and is fully owned by Sarawakians. 

The company’s products made through the operation standards have been accorded the Halal certification by the Malaysian Government. The products are distributed locally and with plans already afoot in exporting to Indonesia and Brunei.

“We operate under the SME industry scheme and this is encouraged and supported by our Government via agencies such as MIDF, which has constantly assisted us in our branding, international certifications, and export markets. It is a delightful surprise to know that MIDF did not simply offer us some financial assistance but took care of assisting in the less salient aspects as well,” added Connie . "MIDF has been with us since our inception and after a few years of a good working relationship, we are now moving forward to our next phase of development to produce different types of beverages." said Connie.

Their purified drinking water is frequently tested to ensure the quality and safety of the product. “Every batch is tested every day in our laboratory. Every 3 months or so, officers from the Ministry of Health will come to our factory to take samples and seal them for delivery to the Department of Chemistry in Kuala Lumpur for testing,” says Connie Yeo. Water Genesis has organised many educational tours for its customer to visit their factory plant to find out more about how it goes about processing and producing the products. 

“There are many categories of drinking water and the ones most commonly found in our market are Mineral Water, Ordinary Filtered Water and Purified Water,” says Connie Yeo, before adding, “…at Water Genesis, we manufacture purified bottled water using the most advanced reverse osmosis technology. Our RO membrane is from the USA and our compressors are from Germany” 

Water Genesis was started by two professional engineers who were familiar with the designs of water treatment plants. The initial investment was around RM5.0 million and over the years more assets were acquired and today the company has increased their investment to around RM10.0 million. The business was developed after due consideration of the potential market of bottled drinking waters, which had been growing overwhelmingly in the past few years. 

“While the public is certainly most familiar with the Water Genesis brands nowadays, it was not the case in the first few years after its operation. It took quite a while for the market to accept our products. A lot of marketing works were carried out over the years including getting involved with an international marathon event as the Main Sponsor for their Drinking Water.,” said Connie. 

Starting a bottled water company is not as easy as it seems. It took the company more than a year’s research and various technical visits throughout the world before finally coming to a decision. “It wasn’t easy but once we were sure of our research, we went ahead and take the business decision to invest in the project and built a 50,000 square feet production facility to only produce quality purified Reverse Osmosis drinking water,” said Connie. Water Genesis's new products will include Alkaline Water and Mineral Water in the near future and other beverages as well. 

Currently, there are numerous types of cheap bottled drinking waters available in the market and some of the quality may be questionable. Unlike the rest, Water Genesis operates using the very latest technologies from a fully air-conditioned clean room in ensuring that no contamination occurs. There are no human contacts throughout the process of rinsing, filling, and capping its products. The bottles used by the company are not of recycled materials but instead, are blown using the latest air system with the most advanced technology from Germany. 

Presently, Water Genesis distributes the best quality of drinking water for our four in-house bottled water brands, namely Bubble, Genes, Spring, and the Mulu brand. When asked about the company’s variety of products, Connie concludes, “We produce purified bottled water in different volume sizes namely; 100ml, 240ml cups and the 350ml, 500ml, 1,500ml PET bottled water and 5 Gallons (20 Litres) drum used together with the dispenser with a hot and cold or simply normal temperature water dispenser. It would seemingly be that the Water Genesis brand is indeed a brand that will soon not only proliferate at the national market but the ASEAN market as well. Our success has been proven with many bottled water companies trying to copy our “SPRING” brand but the market knows the difference”. 

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