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Gearing Toward Futureproof Healthcare.


Permai Polyclinics’ Key To Success

Permai Polyclinics Inanam, Sabah is another symbol of the Permai Group’s expansion growth while aiming to serve and provide the best possible healthcare services in Sabah. This is a reflection of their status as one of the premier and biggest polyclinics group in Sabah.

Permai Polyclinics Inanam was founded by Dr. Francis Ambrose in May 2007. Dr. Francis Ambrose and his team of six staff endeavored to make certain that Permai Inanam would be able to stand on par with the other clinics in the region in providing the best medical attention that they could offer.

The group now boasts an 11-member strong team alongside the doctor himself. The key to their success is simply hard work in providing quality healthcare that is consistent with the Permai brand’s motto of “We Live to Serve.” Permai Polyclinics provide services amongst others, pap smear screening, antenatal medical examinations, and quit smoking programmes.

The latest offering, courtesy of MIDF’s financial assistance, is X-ray services. MIDF’s financial infusion into Permai Polyclinics has seen the latter investing in a chest x-ray machine. This has also helped them to make significant inroads into the local business industries.

Armed with these latest developments, the Permai Polyclinics team is determined to consolidate their hard work and to move forward in the future. 

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