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Changing Course But Never Giving Up.

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Strength In Overcoming Challenges And Obstacles

Hai Kin Cheng had ventured to Japan to further his studies and upon graduating from Japan University, he found himself gaining employment there within the rubber industrial field. Considering the relevant experiences gained in Japan for more than 6 years, he decided to establish N.K Rubber (M) Sdn Bhd in 1999.

The company’s initial story was fraught with challenges but boosted by the family’s support, Kin Cheng was able to overcome a myriad of issues, from investments to retaining staff. The latter issue resulted in the company offering more employees’ allowances as well as developing more company activities in order to attract new workers.

The company managed to change its course when it was able to offer a diverse range of incentives, from competitive prices, quality technical support and fostering a much closer communication and strategic alliances with some of their Japanese customers. This resulted in reacquiring back some key businesses from their mostly China-based competitors. This has allowed for a steady expansion of their factory, which is still located at the very same premises since its establishment.

Recalling their association with MIDF, Kin Cheng remembers vividly that, “it was during the year of 2009, we were finding it difficult to get a loan from other financial institutions for our new production line and automation program; not necessarily because of our financial position but due the lack of confidence in electrical and electronic industry. Some banks even considered the industry is in their negative list.”. Kin Cheng added “We were most fortunate to get our first loan from MIDF for our automation quality checking machine. This machine made our customers appreciate our commitment to improving product quality since they appoint us as one of their major suppliers.” The financial assistance from MIDF has most certainly paid dividends as N.K Rubber continues its upward trajectory with a 30% increase in production capacity, as well as allowing for the development of new processes and products and boasting an annual turnover of RM27 million.

Kin Cheng remains guarded knowing that to keep growing, the company will require well-trained staff and experienced technical personnel. Furthermore, any extra increase in general operational cost will affect their pricing strategy. To this effect, N.K Rubber is determined at finding ways to avert such scenarios, therefore, allowing for further growth via the development of new products and markets, leading to more customers.

It is here that one is reminded that the company’s strength and emphasis lie in their continuing know-how on the latest machinery designs required to be invested upon, which translates to constant improvements made in their productions’ process flow.

This has led to earning the trust of some of the markets’ major brands such as Panasonic, Shimano, Pioneer, and Sony. It is for this very reason that N.K Rubber is most optimistic about its future and will further use their technical expertise for future business growth.

“Knowledge is power, they say. To us, the continuing investments in developing our own expertise on the latest machinery designs and product skills are our current focus. Its ROI will definitely help long-term wise. For example, allowing for improvements in the process flow, therefore reducing waste,” explains Kin Cheng in closing.

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